Halland Farms Inc.

Logs and Lumber

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Box 56
Love, Saskatchewan
S0J 1P0

Dave Halland Phone: 306-276-2308

Fax: 306-276-2001

Al Halland Phone: 306-276-5791

Fax: 306-276-5795

Email: Halland@sasktel.net



Custom Orders

Products that Halland Farms produce include:

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  Flooring — 1” & 2”
    Ship Lap
  Channel Board
    Paneling — Pine & Spruce
  Tongue & Groove V Joint — 1” & 2”
  Log Siding — 1X6, 2” 2X6, 2X8
  Drop Siding
    Lumber — Pine and Spruce, 2X10, 2X8, 2X6, 2X4 and 1” Boards.

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For over 65 years or four generations, Halland Farms continues to saw and fill custom orders.


5600 sq. ft log home built in 1996 by Halland Farms Inc.

Halland Farms Inc.

Logs and Lumber

A family owned and operated

business since 1939

Log Home Manufacturing

Custom Saw Milling

Flooring and Paneling

Log Buildings

By Halland Farms Inc.

Log Home Manufacturing

Since 1939, Halland Farms has been manufacturing quality lumber and

log homes, camps and buildings from locally grown species of jack pine,

white birch, tamarack and white spruce trees.

We build according to the customers needs; working closely with the

client to ensure satisfaction.

Lumber and log homes made by Halland farms have been sold all

over Saskatchewan, in other provinces and in the United States.

Cabin at Waskesiu National Park

Pine Flooring

Saw Milling

The Company operates a sawmill and re-saw facility, a solar drying kiln

and a planer. An annual Lumber production runs at 500,000 mbf.

Lumber stacks at Halland Farms, Torch River, Saskatchewan.

Company History